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01/03/2013 23:19


In addition, combustion system for each person undergoes changes throughout life, so if you are overweight at twenty-five, you have to grapple with it otherwise than fifty. And it sounds logical.        

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WHY WORLD is fatter?
Obesity in recent decades almost health problem throughout the world in its development involving many factors, one of them are the genes.
That obesity is genetically conditioned HEALTH  , suggests a hypothesis called" either genotype ".
The genetic makeup was important in earlier conditions at that time, the frequent lack of food, and this genotype and allowed our ancestors to survive such periods of war or famine.

Today we face but rather the opposite, and the development of obesity has grown in intensity, "says Clara Adam ova and her words are confirmed by the American psychologist David M. Buss, in his book The Evolution of Desire:" Genes for McDonald us navy pastoral evolution. But the composition of foods out there that eat it reveals strategies for the survival of our ancestors, "he writes.


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Fast food chains are popular because, according to him, they represent a preference for foods that have evolved far past environment of scarcity. Today, however, these components consume excessively because of their abundance and the old strategy now harmful to our health.